A Brief review of 2013

Has 2013 been as adventurous and fabulous as 2012 without the London Olympics and Anderson Cooper coming out? The answer is “hell, yeah”. However, is everyone else feeling like 2013 rocketing by with light speed like I am?

2012 certainly did not destroy the world, and humans are getting more hopeful to make the planet earth better and homier, despite the fact China is basically buried in dust at this very moment.  North Korea did not bomb the rest of the world, the US has not put both hands to agitate the mid-east yet, and the economy in Asia seems like helping the world to stand back on feet.

Some recent losses might sadden 2013 for a bit: the pass of one greatest leader in the world, Nelson Mandela; the death of Mr. Sexy, Paul Walker; the derailed train accident in Bronx, NY; the ongoing winter storm in the US. However, the world has never been so united before like showing Nelson Mandela their respect; fans are showing how powerful they are to media, and we are not destroyed by those disasters yet.

The hope of things getting better is still in place. Tom Daley bravely announced his relationship with a guy. Thousands of people tuned in and helped the Philippines. The situation with Iran has been temporarily stabilized.

Meanwhile, we were very well entertained. Miley Cyrus wrecked balls and the VMA. A boyband from Norway, Ylvis, presented us a wilderness call for some great laughter. Psy still got his moves, and Macklemore not only supports recycling but also the LGBT community.

Although, I am 1 year older and missing my 18th even more, I start to see I am becoming a part of the world that matters. Hope you enjoy your 2013 as well.


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