Anderson Cooper as a Pushie

There have been a devastating amount of accidents and deaths in 2013. Anderson Cooper decided to pull his weight onto debating if the 16-year-old drunk driver who caused 4 people’s deaths should be sent to a juvenile facility.

The story was back in June this year. Drunken 16-year-old Ethan Couch crashed his truck, which resulted in 4 people’s deaths. The judge sentenced Couch to probation just a few days before Christmas, and he will be sent to the Newport Academy, a residential teen treatment center costing half a million annually. No jail time for Couch generated quite some debates going on.

Victims’ family might not be happy about the decision, but it seems like they can do nothing about it. Anderson Cooper along with a couple of other people made a strong point of why Couch “got” away from what he did were his parents’ deep pockets. Cooper compared an earlier case with  Couch’s accident: a “poor” black teen was sent to a youth detention center after he accidentally killed another teen. Cooper argued that because of Couch’s family wealth, Couch got away with “murdering” 4 people with his “laughable” affluenza condition. Cooper strongly led the debate to “the cure for affluenza is prison”.

I do believe Couch’s powerful parents is why he can be “excused” from his stupid and  upsetting behavior, however, did he actually kill those 4 people? He was drunk, he was the driver who crashed the car that caused those 4 people’ deaths, but I doubt he was planning to kill those random strangers who were helping each other on the roadside. Wasn’t this clear enough? The only thing people can change and prevent at this very moment is to make sure Couch has learned the lesson to be a better human being when he grows up. Dr. Drew also argued that Couch should have got treatments before the accident, but if the accident never happened, we would never give a dime to affluenza!

I am sincerely sorry for those who lost their loved ones during this horrible accident, but the fact is nothing will really change their deaths. If “revenge” gives them peace, the question is whether it is the right thing to do.


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