An Interstellar Relationship?: Movie review of Thor: the Dark World [Spoiler Alert]

Blonde silky haired Thor (Christ Hemsworth) threw away his almighty thunder hammer fighting ancient evil dark elf king, Malekith (Christorpher Eccleston), while his earthling soul mate, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), was playing with her remote control to stop the alignment between universes. However, they did not just fight for the entire two hours, it was rather a tale of the Marvel versioned Beauty and Beast, but the beast in this case was a Norse God from Germany, no sorry, he was from Asgard.

If a movie goer who loves muscles and bang-boom-bangs , this movie is a great opportunity to enjoy oneself while getting excited by all those extraordinary actions and futuristic sceneries. Meanwhile, Thor 2, yea, let’s just keep it as Thor 2, is an amazing choice for Valentine’s evening before jumping into bed. A lot of kisses, a lot of kisses, and a lot of kisses. People love kissing, don’t we?

As 86-million-dollar weekend opening in the US, Thor 2 did not perform as well as Iron Man 3 or the Avengers, but indeed, Thor 2 is what everybody talks about at this very moment. However, what make Thor 2 perform less well as predicted? Firstly, Thor is certainly not as popular as Batman, Superman, Iron Man, or Spider Man, and people need time to see how tasty Christ Hemsworth is in his shiny armor. Secondly, what are you expecting for an interstellar Romeo and Juliet? Then, last but not least, Marvel Studio is just being greedy, and Thor 2 is making loads of money that people have never seen before.

Is it a good movie? Of course. But is it great? Emmmm. Thor 2 is more of a pure visual enjoyment with lovebirds flying around. Iron Man was able to elaborate on Tony Stark’s inner struggle as a human being, Captain American is the first superhero but the movie was a failure, and the Avengers was like the firs ever superhero all-star. Afterall, Thor 2 was plain and shallow in depth.


2 responses to “An Interstellar Relationship?: Movie review of Thor: the Dark World [Spoiler Alert]

  1. I, like you, thought it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours. My disappointment was that (SPOILER ALERT) the whole movie ended up feeling like a set-up just to get Loki out of prison, rather than being much of a character piece, which is why the first was so strong. Good post.

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