Microsoft IS the New Blackberry

Remember just a couple of months ago, Blackberry fired CEO Thorten Heins and paused their sale plan?Right now, people are starting to debate how Blackberry can possibly survive. However, forget about Blackberry, I’m predicting this same destination will fall upon Microsoft, and to be honest, it has already started.

People argued that the new life of Blackberry would be switching from manufacturing hardware to software, kind of like what IBM did many many years ago after Lenovo acquired ThinkPad. Microsoft at this very moment is transitioning from focusing on their solid and to-be-said the most user-friendly Windows OS to, you know, the Windows 8 surface and the Xbox which is more than doubled the price of the previous generation, Xbox 360.

It is a smart move! Why do people love Windows? The answer is that here are more PCs than Macs, and people can find relevantly more “bargains”.  However, the competition has been agitated since Apple introduced those most fashionable and popular devices, iPhone, iPad, the new Mac Pro, you name it. AND, Google joined the competition just liked they have always been in the competition. Google Chrome was a nice start, and then Chromebooks? Hell no, who still wants to be annoyed by the fan noises from those cheaply made Netbooks running Windows. SO, recently, Microsoft started a campaign called “Don’t Get Scroogled“. Sounds kinda familiar right? The Bing vs Google campaign! Yeah, that was a horrible idea, but somehow it seemed successful on exposing Bing to  a little bit more people.

Here it comes again. Another stupidity at its best campaign targeting at Google. However, before I start bashing around Microsoft, let us watch three video clips recently uploaded by Microsoft, Google, and Apple on YouTube. Yes, Microsoft uses YouTube.




First of all, Microsoft thinks everyone is an idiot. One installment of the DGS campaigns that you might have seen it on television for a million times, focuses on a young woman trying to sell her Chromebook for plane tickets to California. Have you noticed the airfare has been increasing with a lightening speed, “Thanks to you. Senator Ryan Paul!”? How much does a Chromebook cost? Not considering that delicious Chromebook Pixel, 300 tops! As I checked last time, I have to spend more than 500 on round-way tickets from the Midwest to Los Angeles. Unless, that very young lady will take bus back to where she comes from or she has never graduated from the middle school.

Then, in the very holiday season, (has anyone else thought 2013 passed just like that?), Microsoft might be wishing that people watched their campaigns would go out to buy the 299 Windows 8 PCs as Christmas gifts to their nephews. Com’on. We’re in the 21st Century, and we are not stone heads and eating rice with our fingers anymore. (BTW, I absolutely adore Arabic food) Google made me cry after watching their little video, Apple made me miss my family, and Microsoft made me wonder how stupid they have to be to compete with their rival on a platform developed by the rival. They would be better off purchasing DailyMotion and to make it popular again.


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