How Creative Can They Be to Get Our Money: Nike, Hockey is ours.

Things can get really ugly in the sports industry. People get injured in the fields, players may get bullied during practices, and money problems could jeopardize not only who are playing the games but also those who are watching! The complex nature of the industry challenges but also agitates businesses’ creativity.

I might only have watched some hockey  on television when I was younger, however, this Nike campaign made me want to be a hockey player. The message was strong and powerful, the layout of the story was well-thought, and the little black humor was just marvelous. Basically, in 2012, the National Hockey League postponed their games that resulted in lost in tickets sales and blah blah blah. Meanwhile, fans were incredibly upset. Nike, then, saw this as a great opportunity for a new campaign-Hockey is ours, a considerable big win over the public. Sounds similar? What about the magic ” You can still dunk in the dark” tweet from Oreo during 2013 SuperBowl Blackout?

Generally speaking, media revolutions and consistently increasing industry stress have created a genuinely beautiful baby -the new relevance of being creative.


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