They Shouldn’t Have Apologized: Christians Are the Haters among Haters

A school in Long Island, New York assembled this cute performance singing Silent Night. Yes, the performance was very cute, however, the problem was that due to concerns of offending non-Christians, the school omitted all references to Jesus Christ in the song. Of course, it seemed like a before-bed time little story for many people, but for those Bible belted, it was not acceptable.

Some questioned why they chose the song at the first place if they did not want to involve Christianity. In other words, the question was really about why people celebrate Christmas if they are not Christians.

Isn’t Christmas one of the most celebrated holiday in the World? The holiday was originated as a celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ. But if you tell me that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th many many years ago, the conversation is over. As being said, people around the globe are celebrating Christmas, Christians and non-Christians. It has become a ritual of family reunions and spending quality time with loved ones, and been becoming less religiously afflicted. I doubt many of those people in China who get crazy during Christmas have much knowledge about Christianity at all. It is like people celebrating Chinese New York in western countries, and few people have a single idea about Chinese Lunar Calendar and the reason why people are celebrating it.

Three words describe Christianity are love, forgiveness and salvation. However, so far, no one is more corrupted than  those who think they’re holly and loyal Christians with all those bashing-arounds on Gay people, people with other religions, and people who believe humans are monkeys. Shouldn’t Christians start to look at the mirror and pray for forgiveness? Who hate more than Christians do? And who are more scared than Christians are?


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