It’s the Time of the Year for Some Christmas Warfare

People have started to count down the days like 600 hours ago, but how could it be Christmas without some cat fights?

The recent event of a school choir singing Silent Night without any references to Jesus Christ contributed quite some debates going on, however, it was never as spectated as, what you say, a tale of a bunch of beard men, Duck Dynasty

I did not get a chance to watch the show yet, however, I strongly believe it is just another reality TV stunt with a cheap budget but huge rewards, I’m talking about money. No matter how the show goes, the problem was how Phil Robertson, the star from DD, showed his hateful attitudes toward gay people (and black people?) to the GQ Magazine. The network, A&E, decided to suspense Robertson indefinitely due to Robertson’s hateful statements shared with the GQ Magazine. A little religious and racial drama heated up the holiday atmosphere with a fairyly touch.

Let’s get off the track on Robertson for a second. Have anyone noticed the irony between Anderson Cooper and his interviewees during recent AC360 shows? How his interviewees vocally, repeatedly emphasized on how God gave that power to their sons, daughters, and family! Back to the GQ Magazine, didn’t Robertson know that the Editor in Chief for GQ, one of the most powerful men in the magazine industry, Jim Nelson, was gay? And he still accepted the offer to do the interview?

But anyway, according to the Huffington Post, Robertson might very well return to DD for 2014, or in other words, all those circulations and discussions were basically… another stunt to expose the show. Let’s say keep enjoying the show if you do, and give it a laugh if you find people who analyze this little drama too seriously.


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