The Target is on Target

Still frustrated and crazy about the last-minute Christmas shopping? Take a breath, and think twice before you rush into the dreamland of Target.

A recent security breach  hit one of the American moms’ favorite retailing stores, Target, hard. Millions of customers’ bank accounts were hacked with money stolen and personal information exposed. Under the stress from the public, Target started to provide additional discounts and free credit card monitoring services. However, it did not ease the frustration.

 JP Morgan Chase started to limit some debit card options, in other words, many shoppers might find situations like “What the hell? I can’t use my card? But I don’t have cash with me”.  Good luck to those who still need to get those Barbie dolls and footballs for the nieces and nephews. Besides costumers’ complains, lawsuits have started to smash right at Target.

However, the nightmare is not over yet for Target. Beyonce surprised the world with an unexpected visual album released exclusively on iTunes. Target soon made the decision not to sell Beyonce’s new album after the exclusive release on iTunes. It was a smart move due to concerns of making enough profits of it, but it seemed utterly silly to sign themselves up on Beyonce’s blacklist. Beyonce visited one Walmart store and gave out gift cards worth thousands of dollars to shoppers . Fans and Walmart shoppers were excited, Walmart themselves got some hardcore free publicity, but Target might start to cry at the corner slapped by their most loyal customers as well as Beyonce.


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