Are They Pulling the Trigger?

If you are one of those who got affected by the Target security breach. Sorry for the problems you have to deal with, calling the banks, canceling cards, and waiting for the money back. BUT the storm just started.

How easy is it to be hacked? I doubt it would be so hard since we are basically linked altogether, the smart phones, the laptops, and even smart televisions. The WWW is a magical place, and a very very scary place. After Edward Snowden leaked a considerably surprising amount of , but relevantly small comparing to the total, top secrets from the National Security Agent (NSA), which includes their program on monitoring civilians’ phone transactions, people challenged NSA and now the NSA’s surveillance program is under litigation. Some people might not be so worried about it due to the fact ” it is our government doing necessary jobs to make the nation better.” However, what if private business sectors can do exactly the same?

Tech titans like Google and Apple indeed have the power to spy on their users, but the worries are not on them. The IT industry is unpredictable, and expanding with only accelerations. Smaller tech companies start to surface and provide more services to the public. I recently purchased a product called the Coin. It is basically a card that will store all my credit, debit, and membership cards through a software they developed. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I do not have to have a fat wallet that never fits in my pocket anymore! But pause for a second! If Target as a well-established retail chain can be hacked, this newborn firm might have an even bigger chance to be. If all those businesses worth gazillion dollars with tech geniuses siting at the back can be hacked so easily, what about myself as an individual? And my phone as a piece of plastic, or mental if you are using iPhone 5 or HTC one.

The question might not actually be “if I am gonna be hacked”, but ” when will they pull the trigger”.


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