In the Need of some Literary Plastic Surgeries

Let’s say the introduction of the printing press fashioned a bucket full of great writers, and the invention of the typewriters helped this full bucket of people be more efficient writers. However, the biggest thing in the 21st Century, the Internet, did not seem like to help with writing at all. What’s next? People become incompetent to read? Let’s ditch all those grammar and spelling errors people can find while browsing a high-profile news website, such as the Guardian, and talk about Miley Cyrus.

How can it be possible to spell "by" as "my"? It is not like misusing "affect" and "effect", or missing an article.

This paragraph is a screenshot from the Guardian. How was it possible to spell “by” as “my”? Or I did not really understand the last sentence.

Miley Cyrus released her music video for another single, Adore You, which has been commented to be even racier than her lovely work of Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball. To be honest, I absolutely adore her, so much better than Hannah Montana. Let’s think about it. A 20 something female celebrity literally acts like Hannah Montana? Only if she is a vegetable.

Starting with the Fox News, the article started with a can-be-no-sillier 🙂 question: “has Miley Cyrus managed to make a music video that’s somehow more scandalous than her infamous ‘Wrecking Ball’ record breaker?” Was “Wrecking Ball” scandalous? Or in other words, have people been so devoted to care so much about licking a hammer? Then, what is “infamous ‘Wrecking Ball’ record breaker”? This article is actually categorized in the scandal section. Wow! Good for you, Fox News, spending time caring so much about a young girl’s hormone level. She is a celebrity, or in other words, an entertainer! Who doesn’t love something spicy and alluring!?

Move on to a more modern online entertainment resource, ENSTARS! The title of the article is Miley Cyrus Nude in “Adore You” VIDEO in Skin-Colored Lingerie, Watch Racy New Clip. If they actually referred that Miley was nude in the video, they probably should visit eye doctors as soon as possible. If they used “nude” as in “nude color”, were they thinking the readers were idiots who haven’t known that the color of human skin was a nude color? They do deserve a point for using “lingerie” than “bras” and “panties”.

Their efforts to catch people’s attentions hammered a bigger problem onto the population who care Miley Cyrus enough to read all those articles. Teens, college students, and even younger kids. Don’t worry too much about how Miley sheds bad influences on kids. Let’s worry if kids start to spell “by” as “my”, construct meaningless sentences, and lose the ability to make themselves heard and understood first! Before making Miley’s new video “scandalous”, let’s ask people to read what it is going to be published first, for God’s sake!


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