A Brief Talk about French Luxury?

The country with a tower, a beautiful language, and an exquisite food culture is additionally effused with luxuries. Paris as one of the 4 Fashion Capitals homed numerous high-profile fashion designers and has been hosting hundreds of fashion shows per year. The Province of Champagne in France, as the name tinkles, is famous for its sparkling wine. St. Barth’s, one of the French overseas collectivities, is a paradise where wealthy people frequently visit for vacations. People with fat wallets love French luxuries due to the unique French subtleness and sophistication; ordinary people love them so that they can feel patently rewarded.

Many people might have already encountered names like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Moët et Chandon; the finest fashion craftsmanship, the most sparkling jewelry, and one darling of the alcohol business. Moreover, there are less mainstream but equally exotic and well-made products from Goyard, Hermès, and  Bugatti; the best custom-made luggage, the most worshiped handbags, and the fastest sport cars.

It can be an iron chef made croissant or a handbag made from exotic leather, what is your favorite French luxury?


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