Someone Loves Stinky Things, a Very Mecreational New Year

Without diving into the fairy tales behind how Colorado could legalize marijuana for recreation while the federal government is still holding back, many Coloradans will queue up for some good time on January 1, 2014.

As one of the top three drugs consumed in the US, or I prefer to use the word”substance”, marijuana aka cannabis, or better-known as weed, has been quite a trading business underground. As medicine, marijuana use is proven to help with some medical diseases, such as cancer and AIDS. However, will recreational use of marijuana disturb our society? The answer is really simple- no one really knows.

Most countries on this planet have strong policies toward marijuana use. In China, a death penalty will frequently fall upon people who abuse drugs. In the US, people who possess a super huge amount of the drug can also be sentenced to death, but the US Supreme Court only carries out a death sentence to murder and treason. Harsh policies somehow prevent people from drug abuse, however, the marijuana use rate in the US is quite similar to Netherlands despite how loosely the  Dutch government regulates the use of marijuana. We also have to consider the fact how many more people are living in the US than in Netherlands.

Personally, I have never smoked weed. I quit smoking recently, and I am allergic to alcohol. How can I have a life?! I do not have a strong say on how marijuana affects human bodies. But let’s go back in time when tattooing was once banned by NYC, women could not vote, and gay marriages were unthinkable. Without much evidence approving how marijuana is related to mental illness, negative health impacts and potential traffic threats, it might be just a not-so-right-perception of marijuana use due to concerns of drug abuse by the public. Marijuana is a business worth millions of dollars, and as the President of Medicine Man commented “someone just loves stinky things”. This might be the start of a marijuana revolution.


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