Is Your List Ready?

In fewer than 15 hours, 2014 will fall upon the land of America after dropping by the UK, France, China, Hong Kong, Japan and many other great nations. Are people ready for another year? Are any people disappointed by that 2012 was not the end of the world, and in fact, the world seemed have gotten better during 2013? No matter how people feel about two thousand and fourteen or twenty-fourteen, many of us will grab a pen, a piece of paper, or just whatever smart devices, and sit down to compose a meters-long list of the one and only personalized New Year’s resolution. What’s on the top of your list?

For people in Colorado, I bet many have put “dropping by that drug store” with top priorities. The debate about legalizing recreational marijuana came to a climax right before the official launch of this million dollars business in, let’s say, fewer than 15 hours. If you are one of those have planned to get high, please get high responsibly 🙂

Around the US, people can start to be hopeful again for getting back to jobs. The economy is reawakening as we approach 2014 seconds by seconds. Be hopeful, be confident, and send out your resumes.

Short-term goals for health improvements might be more efficient than “I’m going to lose 40 pounds” or “I am going to jog every day no matter how the weather is like”. What about ” I am going to jog in place in my little comfy home for the first or two months daily, and gradually push myself a little harder.” Still need a little bit of a push to even start jogging in place? Let me share something with you. A 20-year-old young guy posted his medical bill on Reddit, and guess what, he was billed over 10k. If he had not listed under his father’s insurance, the bill would go over 50k. That number can buy anyone a brand new Mercedes-Benz ML350! Take care of yourself inside out while getting ready to receive your Obamacare!

Even though, our lists are really about ourselves, we might have to compensate with the society, or the government for just a little. Smokers try to quit? Move to Illinois! Tossing cigarette butts in public is littering and will be fined! Is it getting better? Of course! School bathrooms in California will be no longer labelled by biological genders, but gender identities!

So far, 2014 seems extremely promising and cheery.

Wish you a very happy New Year!


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