I Though We Were Born Equal?

We were born equal is a Utopian thought, a hopeful ideology, and a unified determination supposedly of the entire human race. 

The Russian anti-gay bill passed through last year, yes, 2013, the last year. Not only was it an event generated global debates, but also was it a solid divider to separate Russia farther from  the land of European advancements. Meanwhile, the anti-gay sex law in India is still under serious conflicts, and similar laws have been put into execution in many more countries.

Many might like me wonder how it can be possible for anti-gay laws to be even considered at the first place. They can read us a few scriptures from the Bible, the Quran, or just make-up personal morality. Away from those unfortunate examples, there are hopes in equality. 

People can get wed soon starting in 2014 in England and Wales. Most recently, Judge Robert Shelby lifted the ban on same-sex marriage in the State of Utah. However, as how conservative Utah sounds, people in Utah stroke back and asked the Supreme Court to block same-sex marriages. Are we losing the battle for equality?

Blue eyes, blond, tall and slender, all those to be said beautiful humans, but we came so long into the journey. We start to be less colored, and blue eyes become hazel eyes, and blond hair becomes brown hair, and fair skin becomes a gold-sheered olive healthy looking. We are simply all earthlings, nothing belongs to one individual, one group, or one nation; we are made to share and grow together. But why can’t we do what we are supposed to be doing. 


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