Your Plate Doesn’t Have to Look Like the Scale

Already three days kicked in 2014, how is everyone going with their New Year’s Resolutions? If staying in shape, loosing weight, or eating clean are on your lists, you might find it would not be as hard as it sounded like.

American food has been iconically revolutionized from quite traditional European cuisine to stuff filled with sodium, additive, sugar, and fat. Fast food, packaged food, super-size-portioned food.

As being considered as the fattest country, even though we are only on the edge to be pulled down by pounds of fat and waste, America is like a synonym to obesity. American people, the government and even business owners have been working around their wallets for the past few decades to help with this urgent problem.

General Mills decided to officially make the Original Cheerio GMO free, one of the most popular cereals on the shelf. People can easily find whole wheat and low fat options throughout well-liked fast food restaurant chains, the Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich on 8-gram whole wheat buns at McDonald’s, Satisfries from Burger King, and the Fresco Menu offered by Taco Bell. Importantly, people who hate to diet or eat healthy might accidentally have those healthier options and enjoy them.

To eat clean and healthy is really just a mind game. If everyone has stopped using high corn fructose syrup, stubborn eaters might will never notice the differences between their beloved snow-white bread and those fake white bread made of whole wheat. If everyone has held back on one teaspoon of salt, hardcore eaters might will never detect the weakened taste.

The nation grows stronger as the economy reawakens, and the next step is for us to create a better and healthier living environment, start with sponging those fast food items.




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