When There is not Much Happening, News Media Became Whistleblowers

People might still wander around thinking about turkeys and the new pajamas they got for Christmas while trying their best to stay indoors to survive the ongoing horrid winter storm in the United States. However, what a disastrous season for news media! Nothing is really happening except all those leftovers from the previous year, which have been overly discussed already. Then, news media turned to the other direction of journalism, sort of like paparazzi, and blew the whistle all across the land of possibilities.

Words like reportedly and allegedly are often used in news stories, basically, they serve as insurances for “if it turned out what we just published was wrong, we were simply reporting from our sources.”  For example, NBC put the word, “report”,  after the title “Kim Jong Un’s Executed Uncle Was Eaten Alive by 120 Hungary Dogs“. Everything with North Korea involved now is bubbly and rainbow-like, and news media are dying for to unveil something mind-blowing and jaw-dropping without even caring to check the reliability of the stories. The discussions from readers have been much more resourceful than the actual article.  And here is it, my favorite comments made by one of the readers.


Then, more to North Korea is about a basketball game. Dennis Rodman, a retired NBA player, has been vocal about his friendship with North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Un, and he is going to play a game in North Korea on Un’s birthday along with another 9 NBA players. CNN bit onto the story arguing how ridiculous it sounded to play a game like giving a present for Un’s birthday, while an American citizen, Kenneth Bae, is still held captive by North Korean Government without further explanations. During an interview between Rodman and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Rodman burst and slammed f-bombs toward Cuomo. Different from neglecting the reliability of sources, this is utterly another case of media trying to make before-bed-time stories an international incident. Furthermore, another CNN anchor, Carol Costello, one of those with a motor mouth and on-camera orgasm howls, whipped the story to another level of “liveliness”

Continue on media “exaggerating the facts” for better ratings, Jetblue fired back at media of being overly vocal about their accusation of the new FAA regulation being another reason behind their cancellations and delays. At this very moment, I do think the target should be at when and how airlines are able to restore 100% function instead of wasting viewers’ time digging whatever has already happened.

I am one of those trying to convince everyone that journalism is not dying, however, if news media keep focusing on stories that are not truthful or relevant enough to the public, it is certainly dying inside out.


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