How Can We Appreciate Our Lives if the Food Industry Keeps Pushing to Shorten Our Life Expectancies

While Chris Christie is guarding himself for the recent George Washington Bridge scandal, his bluntness will never save his pudding-like belly. Christie, the currently New Jersey State governor, has been under the radar for 2016 Presidential Election since…his name was broadcasted for the first time. However, let’s not talk about politics, and focus on obesity. Christie has been defensive and vocal about his weight problem; no one can blame him being fat, but shouldn’t he at least set up a model to fight with this so-called genetic disadvantage!

Speaking of this so-called genetic disadvantage, after all, it might be more mental than genetic. Jack in the Box has introduced their fat-packed munchie menu since late 2013. And they look disgustingly tempting. A healthy average size adult should eat about 2300 calories per day if he/she is moderately active. Let’s say 2k calories come from three big meals and 3 hundred for snacks. Each meal, he/she will probably eat around 650 calories. Ideally, 40% of those calories should come from carbs, 30% should come from protein and another 30% for fat, which means probably the fat intake per meal should be limited to 21 grams. Good luck to find anything below that number at any fast-food restaurants, or you could make your stomach suffer to consume fewer calories.

There are smarter options people can dig hard to find. However, when our stomachs are bleeding for food, how could it be possible to process tons of information before we  order that double quarter-pound beef burger with fried onion rings and cheese made from whole milk? Since the food industry has been greedy to pack food with addictive ingredients to make them more appealing to our taste buds, how could average consumers/eaters to self protect?

Moreover, media started to overtly criticize negative portrayals of fat people in the fashion industry. Should we love everyone despite how they look? Sure, definitely! However, should we appreciate fat so much? People have been criticizing how media portrayed a false image of that females should be thin, and we are winning the battle! In return, simply there will be more fat people as more fat people start to think being fat is ok. However, it is not ok! Medical bills, depression, shortened life expectancy, and many more are related to obesity! Meanwhile, will the action of people oking being fat encourage the food industry to stop cleaning out their horrid fat-exploding recipes? Life is short, should we do whatever we want so that we will not regret or should we guard our bodies like a temple to live a more fulfilled and fuller life?


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