Saint Laurent Paris Menswear F/W 2014: He Wows People without Trying

Heard too much about Hedi Slimane being the revolutionist, however, I was still worshiping Levi’s and Nike when he left Dior Homme. When Slimane crossed Yves off Yves Saint Laurent, he has already succeeded. People started to literally stare at him for some fashion miracles. There are designers who can design beautiful clothing and designers who are born to rein the fashion industry. Slimane’s return to YSL was his declaration to take control of the modern fashion industry, especially mens’ fashion.

While other designers are exploring new territories, Slimane presented another collection quite identical to what he has been known for, skinny tailoring, skinny pants, great leather jackets, and long coats. Even the colors are pretty much the same as the previous F/W collection, however, the whole show was still something intriguing. A wild and rugged luxury. Models walked on the show were not those typical pretty humans, but more like those who have been living on the edge and blessed with weirdness and uniqueness. No matter how ridiculous those pieces look on the deadly skinny models, I am confident that every piece will be very wearable with some attitudes attached.


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