Susa: A Boy Who Waits His Father

Susa, one of those films shocks viewers awake, is a film mirroring the struggles in modern Georgia through a 12-year-old boy’s eyes. Hand-held shots, pale color tones and minimalistic cinematography produce more than realistic scenes that are captivating and awakening.

Susa (Avtandil Tetradze), the little skinny good boy, is in need of protection and shelter from his father; however, his father’s return has granted him neither. He is angry, frustrated, and sad, but he will not comprise and give in. The film opens with Susa making a kaleidoscope from shattered glass bottles, long silence until the introduction of his friend, Juja. Director Rusudan Pirveli is not shy about revealing Susa’s affection toward Juja. Juja is the temporary father figure to Susa, although, despite the age difference, Juja might be the only friend of Susa’s. Going through harsh weather, working underage, and being bullied on the street, Susa is hardened inside out. As viewers start to perceive Susa as a warrior of life, the film ends with his momentary collapse fighting with his boss; viewers are left wondering if Susa’s disappointment of his father’s return will end him badly, but a seed of hope for Susa to survive and to thrive has been planted.


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