Failed Children

As shocking as it sounds, a 6-year-old boy was suspended from school and accused of sexual harassment when he kissed a girl on her hand. This little ridiculous incident happened in late 2013; experts argued that the zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment from the very school was the trigger attributing the cause of the whole event. However, the real question is how it is possible for brainy adults to be slaved by policies that are apparently not working.

Another similar case was a 6-year-old apraxic child in New Jersey suspended from the school due to his movement difficulties, which were said to be sexual, disturbing and dangerous to others by the school officials. Fortunately, the issue was resolved after his parents fought hard with the school district. The school accused the parents might have sexually abused the boy before suspended the boy; the school also ignored notes from doctors confirming the boy’s problems and refused to offer assistance to the boy . To the matter of the fact, the father of the boy is a renowned professor in Neuroscience at Princeton, which made the event more concerning.  The parents are highly educated and respected, but still, it was a nightmare.

The school system is rotten from inside out and filled with careless teachers and principals with no self-pity.

Meanwhile, a retired high school teacher wrote a warning to university professors about how unprepared those pupils are for higher education. I am myself an aspiring residential alien in the US working toward a PhD. My passion is not really to be an educator but a social scientist, but teaching is always an accessory coming along with working in academia. My limited background in teaching has already started to be troublesome. Students are brilliant, however, when they put their thoughts into words, they become utterly terrible. It might be my background in journalism in which writing is an important asset to be trained and improved (despite I have been bashing around how terrible journalists or editors write their stories since the first day I picked up the AP style guidebook).

In spite of being a powerhouse for higher education, is the American educational system failing young generations? Students are stigmatized and troubled with little to none useful knowledges on how to succeed. Educators are frustrated and giving up. What will the next step be? A total collapse of the most fundamental base?


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