Robocop is back! Not only did the metal suit get some face-lifting, but also did Alex Murphy himself become much prettier. The story happened in Detroit, 2028, which was pretty much the same locale as the original. The film transited so well from the roaring lion of MGM dubbed with Samuel Jackson warming up his vocal to his character, Pat Novak’s broadcast. The debate between the left and the right on the age of machines was brought up non-shyly at all. Step away from the screen, a similar situation in the real world American politics, there is the silly debate about global warming. Director, José Padilha, was not shy at all showing those machines and robots less than 10 minutes into the film. Stunning special effects! Soon, the protagonist, Alex Murphy, played by Swedish actor, Joel Kinnanman, who is modelly pretty, revealed himself and glorified his bad luck by gunning with automatic weapons with a pistol. In this neo-take of the sci-fi classic, Murphy was blown to pieces instead of being shot at head (and all over his body).

The good doctor working for the bad guys, Dennett Norton, played by Gary Oldman, was another crucial element progressing the story. Murphy was taken away his emotions, but his tragic accident haunted him, his son was upset, and ,voila, Murphy got his own emotions back, overrode the machine protocols, and killed the bad guy.

Remaking classics is quite risky unless it was Jugde Dredd, but Neo-Robocop was fairly enjoyable. The satirical portray of media was so explicit that I wanted to punch Jackson at his very face. The hypocritical side of Raymond Sellars (Michael Keaton) was so disgusting that people would forget Keaton used to be the Dark Knight all at once.

Murphy’s son (John Ruttan) was another thing done so right. In the original Robocop, Alex Murphy was a loner, and later became a dead loner brought back to life in a metal suit. The new Murphy was married, and an amazing father. Kinnaman did so well to portray a more multifaceted and more disturbed Alex Murphy.

However, the film was far away from being great. The second half of the film when Murphy went on to revenge was rushed through. Despite Murphy being basically bulleted to a beehive, people might still feel it was not enough. Showing the dangling remaining parts of Murphy once again before Audiences losing their hopes for a sequel did not culminate the film to its full potential.




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