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Social Media for A Better World

The legendary media theory, Cultivation, originally argued that increased consumption of television viewing would not only influence audiences’ behaviors but also create the “mean world syndrome”.  Generally speaking, heavy television viewers would be exposed to more media violence, and in return, they perceived the world as a more dangerous place[1]. However, is the case still standing after social media accelerated the media revolution?

Gen Y and younger might be the group of people who have hooked themselves up with screens for a prolong period of time since their teens or younger. Children who were born after 2000 even have a faster rate of becoming more civilized with new media technologies. While adults are concerned with how new media will pre-mature their children and other dangerous online behaviors, such as addiction and cyber bullying, there are many more examples to give us hope of that social media can be used as a tool for a better world.

A high school student, Tim, who was diagnosed with cancer returned after a successful treatment, but the school refused to put him back into the basketball team. Other students started to protest and launched an online campaign #LetTimePlay to support Tim, and finally, Tim returned to the court where he belongs.

In this hour, there are many professional consultants and media experts are pulling off their hair to design successful online campaigns and carry them out in an effective manner. Those students who stood behind Tim proved the strong and beautiful friendship as well as their potentials to be much better media users for a cause when they grow up. Indeed, hopes of how social media make the human society stronger and better can be seen, and are not fictional.


Kickin’ Food with Pot

Simply due to my excitement, fascination, and amazement, I have to admit. We, humans, are utterly crafty.

The legalization of recreational marijuana has already generated millions of dollars for some Coloradans. However, there are more to it speaking of selling the products. Food made with marijuana is also scattered on the shelves. Cannabis used as a food ingredient is not uncommon. I have experience using hemp protein for a couple of months when I was on a vegan diet, however, that power sucked. Marijuana brownies, marijuana crackers, marijuana cakes, and basically we can replace basil with marijuana all at once.


Your Plate Doesn’t Have to Look Like the Scale

Already three days kicked in 2014, how is everyone going with their New Year’s Resolutions? If staying in shape, loosing weight, or eating clean are on your lists, you might find it would not be as hard as it sounded like.

American food has been iconically revolutionized from quite traditional European cuisine to stuff filled with sodium, additive, sugar, and fat. Fast food, packaged food, super-size-portioned food.

As being considered as the fattest country, even though we are only on the edge to be pulled down by pounds of fat and waste, America is like a synonym to obesity. American people, the government and even business owners have been working around their wallets for the past few decades to help with this urgent problem.

General Mills decided to officially make the Original Cheerio GMO free, one of the most popular cereals on the shelf. People can easily find whole wheat and low fat options throughout well-liked fast food restaurant chains, the Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich on 8-gram whole wheat buns at McDonald’s, Satisfries from Burger King, and the Fresco Menu offered by Taco Bell. Importantly, people who hate to diet or eat healthy might accidentally have those healthier options and enjoy them.

To eat clean and healthy is really just a mind game. If everyone has stopped using high corn fructose syrup, stubborn eaters might will never notice the differences between their beloved snow-white bread and those fake white bread made of whole wheat. If everyone has held back on one teaspoon of salt, hardcore eaters might will never detect the weakened taste.

The nation grows stronger as the economy reawakens, and the next step is for us to create a better and healthier living environment, start with sponging those fast food items.



A Brief Talk about French Luxury?

The country with a tower, a beautiful language, and an exquisite food culture is additionally effused with luxuries. Paris as one of the 4 Fashion Capitals homed numerous high-profile fashion designers and has been hosting hundreds of fashion shows per year. The Province of Champagne in France, as the name tinkles, is famous for its sparkling wine. St. Barth’s, one of the French overseas collectivities, is a paradise where wealthy people frequently visit for vacations. People with fat wallets love French luxuries due to the unique French subtleness and sophistication; ordinary people love them so that they can feel patently rewarded.

Many people might have already encountered names like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Moët et Chandon; the finest fashion craftsmanship, the most sparkling jewelry, and one darling of the alcohol business. Moreover, there are less mainstream but equally exotic and well-made products from Goyard, Hermès, and  Bugatti; the best custom-made luggage, the most worshiped handbags, and the fastest sport cars.

It can be an iron chef made croissant or a handbag made from exotic leather, what is your favorite French luxury?

How Creative Can They Be to Get Our Money: Nike, Hockey is ours.

Things can get really ugly in the sports industry. People get injured in the fields, players may get bullied during practices, and money problems could jeopardize not only who are playing the games but also those who are watching! The complex nature of the industry challenges but also agitates businesses’ creativity.

I might only have watched some hockey  on television when I was younger, however, this Nike campaign made me want to be a hockey player. The message was strong and powerful, the layout of the story was well-thought, and the little black humor was just marvelous. Basically, in 2012, the National Hockey League postponed their games that resulted in lost in tickets sales and blah blah blah. Meanwhile, fans were incredibly upset. Nike, then, saw this as a great opportunity for a new campaign-Hockey is ours, a considerable big win over the public. Sounds similar? What about the magic ” You can still dunk in the dark” tweet from Oreo during 2013 SuperBowl Blackout?

Generally speaking, media revolutions and consistently increasing industry stress have created a genuinely beautiful baby -the new relevance of being creative.

A Share of the Day [Google Search: Reunion]

A catchy commercial presented by Google India told a tale of a reunion of friends after decades since they departed from each other. Friends’ reunions are always like tear gas, but the trick here is that these two friends are one Indian and one Pakistani. India and Pakistan have a really funky relationship; Indians and Pakistanis have long seen each other as threats, however, they also crave for the improvement between the two nations. Enjoy this little something from Google, and cry out loud!

A Brief review of 2013

Has 2013 been as adventurous and fabulous as 2012 without the London Olympics and Anderson Cooper coming out? The answer is “hell, yeah”. However, is everyone else feeling like 2013 rocketing by with light speed like I am?

2012 certainly did not destroy the world, and humans are getting more hopeful to make the planet earth better and homier, despite the fact China is basically buried in dust at this very moment.  North Korea did not bomb the rest of the world, the US has not put both hands to agitate the mid-east yet, and the economy in Asia seems like helping the world to stand back on feet.

Some recent losses might sadden 2013 for a bit: the pass of one greatest leader in the world, Nelson Mandela; the death of Mr. Sexy, Paul Walker; the derailed train accident in Bronx, NY; the ongoing winter storm in the US. However, the world has never been so united before like showing Nelson Mandela their respect; fans are showing how powerful they are to media, and we are not destroyed by those disasters yet.

The hope of things getting better is still in place. Tom Daley bravely announced his relationship with a guy. Thousands of people tuned in and helped the Philippines. The situation with Iran has been temporarily stabilized.

Meanwhile, we were very well entertained. Miley Cyrus wrecked balls and the VMA. A boyband from Norway, Ylvis, presented us a wilderness call for some great laughter. Psy still got his moves, and Macklemore not only supports recycling but also the LGBT community.

Although, I am 1 year older and missing my 18th even more, I start to see I am becoming a part of the world that matters. Hope you enjoy your 2013 as well.