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Police and Digital Media: What about Our Privacy

It has been a messy year. 43-year-old Eric Garner,18-year-old Michael Brown, and 12-year-old Tamir Rice are three names that tragically tremble the news and people who care. It might not seem fair when Mike Brown’s “killer”, Darren Wilson, a Ferguson Police Officer, was not indicted; however, it was not right in any ways when Ismaaiyl Brinsley executed two New York police officers to, in his own words, give wings to two pigs.

We might need to give all the buzzes about the recent tragic events a break, but one thing about how NYPD tried to uncover the motive behind Brinsley’s inexcusable action was how they incorporated social media into cluing everything up. It seemed like a really smart idea until CNN reported that Baltimore PD has faxed NYPD a warning about Brinsley after spotting his unusual posts sharing on social media. And this little detail reminds me of NSA about how easily our phones can be bugged.

People in America have been criticizing how restricted media are in China and some other mid-eastern countries for that governments are spying on their people on a regular basis. Even though, American media have been considered more liberal, but still it is not entirely a safe place for Freedom of Speech, because the US government is watching its people just like those countries people have been criticizing!


When There is not Much Happening, News Media Became Whistleblowers

People might still wander around thinking about turkeys and the new pajamas they got for Christmas while trying their best to stay indoors to survive the ongoing horrid winter storm in the United States. However, what a disastrous season for news media! Nothing is really happening except all those leftovers from the previous year, which have been overly discussed already. Then, news media turned to the other direction of journalism, sort of like paparazzi, and blew the whistle all across the land of possibilities.

Words like reportedly and allegedly are often used in news stories, basically, they serve as insurances for “if it turned out what we just published was wrong, we were simply reporting from our sources.”  For example, NBC put the word, “report”,  after the title “Kim Jong Un’s Executed Uncle Was Eaten Alive by 120 Hungary Dogs“. Everything with North Korea involved now is bubbly and rainbow-like, and news media are dying for to unveil something mind-blowing and jaw-dropping without even caring to check the reliability of the stories. The discussions from readers have been much more resourceful than the actual article.  And here is it, my favorite comments made by one of the readers.


Then, more to North Korea is about a basketball game. Dennis Rodman, a retired NBA player, has been vocal about his friendship with North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Un, and he is going to play a game in North Korea on Un’s birthday along with another 9 NBA players. CNN bit onto the story arguing how ridiculous it sounded to play a game like giving a present for Un’s birthday, while an American citizen, Kenneth Bae, is still held captive by North Korean Government without further explanations. During an interview between Rodman and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Rodman burst and slammed f-bombs toward Cuomo. Different from neglecting the reliability of sources, this is utterly another case of media trying to make before-bed-time stories an international incident. Furthermore, another CNN anchor, Carol Costello, one of those with a motor mouth and on-camera orgasm howls, whipped the story to another level of “liveliness”

Continue on media “exaggerating the facts” for better ratings, Jetblue fired back at media of being overly vocal about their accusation of the new FAA regulation being another reason behind their cancellations and delays. At this very moment, I do think the target should be at when and how airlines are able to restore 100% function instead of wasting viewers’ time digging whatever has already happened.

I am one of those trying to convince everyone that journalism is not dying, however, if news media keep focusing on stories that are not truthful or relevant enough to the public, it is certainly dying inside out.

Is Your List Ready?

In fewer than 15 hours, 2014 will fall upon the land of America after dropping by the UK, France, China, Hong Kong, Japan and many other great nations. Are people ready for another year? Are any people disappointed by that 2012 was not the end of the world, and in fact, the world seemed have gotten better during 2013? No matter how people feel about two thousand and fourteen or twenty-fourteen, many of us will grab a pen, a piece of paper, or just whatever smart devices, and sit down to compose a meters-long list of the one and only personalized New Year’s resolution. What’s on the top of your list?

For people in Colorado, I bet many have put “dropping by that drug store” with top priorities. The debate about legalizing recreational marijuana came to a climax right before the official launch of this million dollars business in, let’s say, fewer than 15 hours. If you are one of those have planned to get high, please get high responsibly 🙂

Around the US, people can start to be hopeful again for getting back to jobs. The economy is reawakening as we approach 2014 seconds by seconds. Be hopeful, be confident, and send out your resumes.

Short-term goals for health improvements might be more efficient than “I’m going to lose 40 pounds” or “I am going to jog every day no matter how the weather is like”. What about ” I am going to jog in place in my little comfy home for the first or two months daily, and gradually push myself a little harder.” Still need a little bit of a push to even start jogging in place? Let me share something with you. A 20-year-old young guy posted his medical bill on Reddit, and guess what, he was billed over 10k. If he had not listed under his father’s insurance, the bill would go over 50k. That number can buy anyone a brand new Mercedes-Benz ML350! Take care of yourself inside out while getting ready to receive your Obamacare!

Even though, our lists are really about ourselves, we might have to compensate with the society, or the government for just a little. Smokers try to quit? Move to Illinois! Tossing cigarette butts in public is littering and will be fined! Is it getting better? Of course! School bathrooms in California will be no longer labelled by biological genders, but gender identities!

So far, 2014 seems extremely promising and cheery.

Wish you a very happy New Year!

In the Need of some Literary Plastic Surgeries

Let’s say the introduction of the printing press fashioned a bucket full of great writers, and the invention of the typewriters helped this full bucket of people be more efficient writers. However, the biggest thing in the 21st Century, the Internet, did not seem like to help with writing at all. What’s next? People become incompetent to read? Let’s ditch all those grammar and spelling errors people can find while browsing a high-profile news website, such as the Guardian, and talk about Miley Cyrus.

How can it be possible to spell "by" as "my"? It is not like misusing "affect" and "effect", or missing an article.

This paragraph is a screenshot from the Guardian. How was it possible to spell “by” as “my”? Or I did not really understand the last sentence.

Miley Cyrus released her music video for another single, Adore You, which has been commented to be even racier than her lovely work of Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball. To be honest, I absolutely adore her, so much better than Hannah Montana. Let’s think about it. A 20 something female celebrity literally acts like Hannah Montana? Only if she is a vegetable.

Starting with the Fox News, the article started with a can-be-no-sillier 🙂 question: “has Miley Cyrus managed to make a music video that’s somehow more scandalous than her infamous ‘Wrecking Ball’ record breaker?” Was “Wrecking Ball” scandalous? Or in other words, have people been so devoted to care so much about licking a hammer? Then, what is “infamous ‘Wrecking Ball’ record breaker”? This article is actually categorized in the scandal section. Wow! Good for you, Fox News, spending time caring so much about a young girl’s hormone level. She is a celebrity, or in other words, an entertainer! Who doesn’t love something spicy and alluring!?

Move on to a more modern online entertainment resource, ENSTARS! The title of the article is Miley Cyrus Nude in “Adore You” VIDEO in Skin-Colored Lingerie, Watch Racy New Clip. If they actually referred that Miley was nude in the video, they probably should visit eye doctors as soon as possible. If they used “nude” as in “nude color”, were they thinking the readers were idiots who haven’t known that the color of human skin was a nude color? They do deserve a point for using “lingerie” than “bras” and “panties”.

Their efforts to catch people’s attentions hammered a bigger problem onto the population who care Miley Cyrus enough to read all those articles. Teens, college students, and even younger kids. Don’t worry too much about how Miley sheds bad influences on kids. Let’s worry if kids start to spell “by” as “my”, construct meaningless sentences, and lose the ability to make themselves heard and understood first! Before making Miley’s new video “scandalous”, let’s ask people to read what it is going to be published first, for God’s sake!

The Men in the Media of 2013

People love to count down. Count down the days, hours, and even seconds before Christmas as well as all those Top-10 lists of the year. CNN just aired the top crimes in 2013. It was refreshing, but watching the short count-down was ridiculous and painful. It is the end of a wonderful year as being said, the earth is still spinning, the economy is reviving, and another world war has not yet come near. Blending happiness with those sorrowful events and grieving losses, let’s move on to count down who are the most popular men in the media of the year 2013.

1. President Obama

As long as Barack Obama is still the President of the US, he will keep getting tanned from the flashlights. In the second term, his approval rate has dropped below 50%. The battle of ObamaCare went from a debate among politicians to the shutdown of the Government, and now it became a war between the public and Despite how unemployment rate has dropped, the current problem is not for him to produce more jobs but more trust.

2. Nelson Mandela

Mandela’s legacy on human rights and equality will be remembered, however, his pass away presented a great opportunity for the world to stand together. Leaders from major powers attended his funeral, and others showed their respects. Again, he had his legacy, and he will be remembered.


3. Paul Walker

A sudden death of a handsome humanitarian super star shed a little grey in November. Walker, from the multi-billion movie franchise, the Fast and the Furious, died in a car crash on Nov. 30, 2013. I’m not sure if he will be remembered as Mandela, but he certainly was put under extremely close surveillance by the media during the past few weeks.


4. Jason Collins

Jason Collins as a millionaire NBA star player came out as gay in April 2013. And he even speeched during the VMA.





5. Edward Snowden

A traitor or a hero? No matter what he is, Edward Snowden certainly has become the most talked-about by politicians.



6. Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston is Loki, what else do I need to say?




7. Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is Khan and the Necromancer, what else do I need to say?



8. Tom Daley

The most talented and anticipated diver of the Great Britain came out as dating a guy on YouTube. As a celebrity, a 19-year-old, and a star athlete, Tom Daley modeled well.


9. Pope Francis

He is the new Pope and named as Person of the Year for 2013 by Time. I don’t really know who Pope Francis is nor care much about him, however, the media certainly do!

10. Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea who recently killed his uncle is one of the most popular individuals in every medium when tangling with global issues.

The Target is on Target

Still frustrated and crazy about the last-minute Christmas shopping? Take a breath, and think twice before you rush into the dreamland of Target.

A recent security breach  hit one of the American moms’ favorite retailing stores, Target, hard. Millions of customers’ bank accounts were hacked with money stolen and personal information exposed. Under the stress from the public, Target started to provide additional discounts and free credit card monitoring services. However, it did not ease the frustration.

 JP Morgan Chase started to limit some debit card options, in other words, many shoppers might find situations like “What the hell? I can’t use my card? But I don’t have cash with me”.  Good luck to those who still need to get those Barbie dolls and footballs for the nieces and nephews. Besides costumers’ complains, lawsuits have started to smash right at Target.

However, the nightmare is not over yet for Target. Beyonce surprised the world with an unexpected visual album released exclusively on iTunes. Target soon made the decision not to sell Beyonce’s new album after the exclusive release on iTunes. It was a smart move due to concerns of making enough profits of it, but it seemed utterly silly to sign themselves up on Beyonce’s blacklist. Beyonce visited one Walmart store and gave out gift cards worth thousands of dollars to shoppers . Fans and Walmart shoppers were excited, Walmart themselves got some hardcore free publicity, but Target might start to cry at the corner slapped by their most loyal customers as well as Beyonce.

Microsoft IS the New Blackberry

Remember just a couple of months ago, Blackberry fired CEO Thorten Heins and paused their sale plan?Right now, people are starting to debate how Blackberry can possibly survive. However, forget about Blackberry, I’m predicting this same destination will fall upon Microsoft, and to be honest, it has already started.

People argued that the new life of Blackberry would be switching from manufacturing hardware to software, kind of like what IBM did many many years ago after Lenovo acquired ThinkPad. Microsoft at this very moment is transitioning from focusing on their solid and to-be-said the most user-friendly Windows OS to, you know, the Windows 8 surface and the Xbox which is more than doubled the price of the previous generation, Xbox 360.

It is a smart move! Why do people love Windows? The answer is that here are more PCs than Macs, and people can find relevantly more “bargains”.  However, the competition has been agitated since Apple introduced those most fashionable and popular devices, iPhone, iPad, the new Mac Pro, you name it. AND, Google joined the competition just liked they have always been in the competition. Google Chrome was a nice start, and then Chromebooks? Hell no, who still wants to be annoyed by the fan noises from those cheaply made Netbooks running Windows. SO, recently, Microsoft started a campaign called “Don’t Get Scroogled“. Sounds kinda familiar right? The Bing vs Google campaign! Yeah, that was a horrible idea, but somehow it seemed successful on exposing Bing to  a little bit more people.

Here it comes again. Another stupidity at its best campaign targeting at Google. However, before I start bashing around Microsoft, let us watch three video clips recently uploaded by Microsoft, Google, and Apple on YouTube. Yes, Microsoft uses YouTube.




First of all, Microsoft thinks everyone is an idiot. One installment of the DGS campaigns that you might have seen it on television for a million times, focuses on a young woman trying to sell her Chromebook for plane tickets to California. Have you noticed the airfare has been increasing with a lightening speed, “Thanks to you. Senator Ryan Paul!”? How much does a Chromebook cost? Not considering that delicious Chromebook Pixel, 300 tops! As I checked last time, I have to spend more than 500 on round-way tickets from the Midwest to Los Angeles. Unless, that very young lady will take bus back to where she comes from or she has never graduated from the middle school.

Then, in the very holiday season, (has anyone else thought 2013 passed just like that?), Microsoft might be wishing that people watched their campaigns would go out to buy the 299 Windows 8 PCs as Christmas gifts to their nephews. Com’on. We’re in the 21st Century, and we are not stone heads and eating rice with our fingers anymore. (BTW, I absolutely adore Arabic food) Google made me cry after watching their little video, Apple made me miss my family, and Microsoft made me wonder how stupid they have to be to compete with their rival on a platform developed by the rival. They would be better off purchasing DailyMotion and to make it popular again.