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Dior Homme Autumn/Winter 2015-16

Kris Van Assche is a stubborn visionary romantic! When I first saw those flower pins from the backstage, I was incredibly disturbed. Is Mr. Van Assche pushing too far? However, when the curtain was finally peeled away and Dior-look models walked down the stage, everything worked out.

As usual, Mr. Van Assche translated his attitudes toward sportswear so well into this sophisticated collection. He did his homework well and blended his respect to Mr. Christian Dior subtly and flatteringly – Mr. Christian Dior is an avid gardening enthusiast. Very classic French luxury. It is different from those heavy fabrics and flamboyant patterns people can find from Italian fashion houses, it is also different from those chic and brave designs from rising British menswear, and it is Dior Homme, one and only in this world.

Even though, Mr. Van Assche was a long time assistant to Dior Homme’s previous creative director, Hedi Slimane and there is a decades-long story between Dior and Saint Laurent, Mr. Van Assche successfully parted his own interpretation of the label from his teacher. People might see resemblance between Dior Homme and Saint Laurent Paris Menswear, but once you read into the designs, the only thing sharing between Dior Homme and Saint Laurent Paris is that they are both French luxury. Other than that, Dior Homme is unique and unreachable for Van Assche’s sportive and sophisticated design language.


Jil Sander Menswear F/W 2014: She Still Has It

Some may argue that designers will eventually grow out of the favor and become the history, however, there are so many strong cases arguing that fashion designers are as everlasting as world-class scientists, award-winning authors, and many other big names imprinted in the human history forever. Jil Sander set up another great example to prove this when she returned to her own label.

While the fashion industry is pretty much dominated by British, French, and Italian designers, American and Belgian artists are thriving to make sure people have a taste of waffles and pancakes. However, Germans seem lack the ability to make themselves stand out in this competitive business. Huge Boss became something for teenage brats with parents who are doctors or lawyers. But Jil Sander is about to change the dynamic and put German on the table. Raf Simons was great, however, Jil Sander is simply better. Modest, simple, sportive, powerful, strong, and Sander’s designs are skilled, gifted, and loved.

A Brief Talk about French Luxury?

The country with a tower, a beautiful language, and an exquisite food culture is additionally effused with luxuries. Paris as one of the 4 Fashion Capitals homed numerous high-profile fashion designers and has been hosting hundreds of fashion shows per year. The Province of Champagne in France, as the name tinkles, is famous for its sparkling wine. St. Barth’s, one of the French overseas collectivities, is a paradise where wealthy people frequently visit for vacations. People with fat wallets love French luxuries due to the unique French subtleness and sophistication; ordinary people love them so that they can feel patently rewarded.

Many people might have already encountered names like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Moët et Chandon; the finest fashion craftsmanship, the most sparkling jewelry, and one darling of the alcohol business. Moreover, there are less mainstream but equally exotic and well-made products from Goyard, Hermès, and  Bugatti; the best custom-made luggage, the most worshiped handbags, and the fastest sport cars.

It can be an iron chef made croissant or a handbag made from exotic leather, what is your favorite French luxury?